Dabar Yahuah (Word of Yahuah)

The Dabar Yahuah is specially designed for anyone that wants a deeper walk with Yahuah. Specifically ideal for new born again believers not familiar with Hebraic terms and expressions maintained in a basic KJV format that they recognize and are most familiar with. We have included only a few basic Hebraic terms mostly to honour the True Names and Titles of The Father & Son.

The Name of the Almighty Yahuah-the Name of the Creator (Pronounced Yahoo-ah) known as the ‘Tetragrammaton’ is rendered using the ancient Hebrew letters: Yud, Hay, Uau, Hay.

Each of these Hebrew letters have a meaning and point to the Messiah:

Yud=arm and hand,

Hay=behold, man with arms and hands raised,

Uau=nail, hook, secure,

Hay =behold, man with arms and hands raised.


What is this a picture of? Emphasis is on the arms, hands and a nail. Even Pontus Pilate said 4000 years later to the crowd: “Behold the man!” When Yahusha Ha Mashyach said ‘I come in my Fathers Name’ that is exactly what He did.

The Name of Ha Mashyach His Son (The Messiah) is Yahusha-which means ‘Yah is Deliverance’ or ‘Yah Saves’ and is spelled in Hebrew: Yud, Hay, Uau, Shyn, Ayn-spoken and spelled as Yahusha, (Pronounced Yahoo-sha).

The Title Aluhym spelt-Aleph-Lamed-Uau-Hay-Yud-Mem pronounced Al-oo-heem, is the title used for Yahuah throughout The Dabar Yahuah i.e. “Yahuah is our Aluhym”. Aluhym” is found over 2,000 times in the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh, Old Testament) when referring to YHUH. We have chosen to keep the title Aluhym in the Hebrew Transliteration in the New Testament as well, when referencing Yahuah.

Any other aluhym will be presented with a lowercase ‘a’ to Set Yahuah apart as the One and Only True Aluhym.

Order of The Books

The order of the Books throughout The Dabar Yahuah are consistent with most English translations of the Scriptures, to make it easier for new believers to be able to study The Dabar (Word) of Yahuah, since in most of the Hebrew Scriptures, the books appear in various different orders. Since the term Turah means instruction or teaching, in a very real sense the word can be applied to the entire Scriptures. Whereas most would use Turah in reference to the first five books of the Scriptures, we at Seed of Abraham Apostolic Assemblies believe that it is a term that can rightfully be extended to include the rest of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.

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We have a sister publication the Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition which takes the disciple on a College level four year course of study with over 7,000 study notes, a Hebraic Glossary and the names in Plaeo Hebrew. The RSTNE also has restored verses from the Aramaic Peshitta, The LXX, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Matthew Shem Tov & so much more.

Both versions are key and serve as 2 witnesses for the last generations of remnant Israel that desires freedom in The Spirit as Turah is written on our hearts.

Terms Found In the Dabar Yahuah

  • Yahuah-The Father
  • Yahusha-The Son
  • Aluhym-Hebrew Term For God Pronounced Ah-loo-heem
  • Turah-The Instructions
  • Shabbat-The Sabbath
  • The Dabar-The Word
  • Shalum-Peace

A joint collaboration of YATI Int’l Ministries & Dabar Yahuah! Shalyachs (Apostles) Moshe Yoseph Koniuchowsky & Samual Thompson!

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